Local Matters Grill’d, November 2015

12190103_10153173577719109_5340968288534831326_nThis month Laverton Community Choir took part in ‘Local Matters’ at Grill’d Point Cook. The Local Matters programme aims to help local groups by donating a total of $500 between the groups chosen for the month. Every month three groups are chosen, customers get a token to put into a jar for the group they would like to support.

The Grill’d programme is a great support to local community groups, and we would like to thank them for their support over the the month. We had a great time performing in the restaurant and we are proud to be associated with this fantastic programme.

Laverton Community Choir would also like to thank everyone who supported us during the month of November 2015 by buying a Grill’d burger and placing their token into our jar! We came 2nd and have used the money as promised, on new bright uniforms for all of our choir members!! We very much appreciate your support!